Founded in 2003, 3DAdvisors, LLC (3DA) is an independent research provider serving a limited number of hedge funds that invest in U.S. equities. Our investment ideas (long and short) combine detailed studies of insider trading behavior with fundamental analysis and have consistently delivered uncorrelated returns. What differentiates us among independent research providers is our ability to uncover and explain important details and nuances in filings made by insiders with the SEC that are frequently overlooked or misinterpreted.

We also do custom research on trading behavior and executive compensation for our clients. This bespoke research is exclusive to the requesting client, compliments their internal research process and enhances investment returns.

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"I'm re-reading this [3DA research report] and kicking myself for not being bigger... into the print... To call a $20B market cap stock with minimal/moderate short interest and catch a 30% decline is as impressive as a variant perception/research edge gets."

"[They] are simply the best in the business at understanding, tracking, evaluating, and assessing insider activity and compensation. We continue to learn from [3DA] even after 15+ years of working together!"

"As I've told you before, you guys are on a very short list of outside partners that have truly added value to our process over time."

"They are the best in the business in their analytical specialty - no one else comes close or can do what they do. I've consistently made money off their ideas for years. On many occasions I've been blown away by the nuggets of information they've caught that everyone else would have missed."

"We back-tested all of our third-party research providers…3DA had the best performance of them all."

"When it comes to [analyzing] insider [trading] activity, you guys are like MC Hammer... `Cant Touch This!`"