Founded in 2003, 3DAdvisors, LLC (3DA) is an independent research provider serving a limited number of hedge funds that invest in U.S. equities. Our methodology combines detailed studies of insider trading behavior with fundamental analysis, and our investment ideas have consistently delivered double-digit uncorrelated returns. What differentiates us among independent research providers is our ability to uncover and explain important details and nuances in the insider trading-related filings that are frequently overlooked or misinterpreted.

We also do custom research on trading behavior and executive compensation for our clients. This research is proprietary to the requesting client, compliments their internal research process and enhances investment returns.

We limit the number of subscribers we’ll take in order to preserve the value and confidentiality of our research. To inquire about available subscriptions and to receive sample research and pricing information, please click “Contact Us” below. A 3DAdvisors, LLC partner will reply to qualified hedge funds promptly.

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